Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy Diabetes Ride!

Hello all! I have some really exciting news! I have partnered up with Bill, AKA 1HappyDiabetic, in the launch of his new, improved site. A big factor in the decision to re-launch the site was to make it easier for everyone to see the 1HappyDiabetic videos in one place and for people to be able to comment on them or request a topic for future videos. As Bill’s videos were viewed on YouTube, others like myself began making videos in response to Bill. Now all these videos and voices have a home at as Bill and I work together to bring you the content you want, in a fun and silly way.

When Bill began making videos his goal was simple, reaching people across the globe all looking for the same thing… what is that you ask? It’s the search for a friend with diabetes. One that you can relate with, talk with, laugh with, and dance with! The idea of 1HappyDiabetic is the idea that all of us can become a happier, healthier diabetics. In other words, you too can be 1HappyDiabetic! Being a happier, healthier diabetic touches many areas of your life and you are not alone on this journey.

Thanks for joining us on this crazy diabetes ride!

Bill & Suzanne


  1. I really like the revamped site! Can't wait to see the videos... Keep it up! :)

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