Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diabetic Cupcakes & Google Search Weirdness….

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If you do not use Twitter, I suggest you give it a try! It’s a great way to connect with others in the online D world. Everyday I am able to connect with folks all over the world who deal with the D. Great friendships have been built from these connections. Yesterday there was a theme in the D community on Twitter which revolved around cupcakes. The end result gave me a much needed smile yesterday so I wanted to share the tweets with you guys!

suzanne_una RT @diabetesalic: @Diabetic_Iz_Me @Ninjabetic- CUPCAKE? Who said cupcake? Who has a cupcake? COUNT ME IN!

Diabetic_Iz_Me @diabetesalic @suzanne_una i want a cupcake sooooooo bad

diabetesalic @Diabetic_Iz_Me @suzanne_una ME 2. i've been good as of late. Dreaming of a vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla coconutcream icing.

suzanne_una @Diabetic_Iz_Me @diabetesalic Me too! I have been dreaming about it all afternoon! I almost went to the bakery LOL

ElizabethArnold @Diabetic_Iz_Me @suzanne_una @diabetesalic Too late, Kelly, the damage is already done (she says, stuffing her face with packaged icing.)

ElizabethArnold @diabetesalic Wouldn't that be awesome, a bunch of d-peeps pigging out at a bakery? We pwn you, diabetes!

Now the conversation gets a little weird and silly, as it is prone to do on Twitter…

notsostilllifes @suzanne_una There's a cupcake store near here that sells "Diabetic cupcakes".It always makes me think they need insulin.Poor things.

suzanne_una @notsostilllifes those poor cupcakes, having to take shots and do BG tests LOL!

notsostilllifes @suzanne_una who would ever EAT the poor little things??

notsostilllifes @suzanne_una It is quite an image. Not exactly what they were going for I'm sure.
suzanne_una @notsostilllifes I'm sure that was not the image they were going for! Makes me want to photoshop a pic of a cupcake who is diabetic :)

notsostilllifes @suzanne_una DO IT!

So off to Google I go to do a search for a cupcake that I can turn into a diabetic cupcake using photoshop. I have this image in my head of a scrumptious looking cupcake with test strips next to it and an insulin syringe sticking into the side of it. All while the cupcake looks shocked it is getting a shot. I am not a super artistic person but ideas like this get my creative juices flowing! As is often the case with Google searches, it takes you a couple of tries before you find that perfect search string. I was searching under “cartoon cupcakes with faces” and here is one of the images Google brought up:

It’s Kerri from Six Until Me! Kerri is one of my favorite bloggers in the D world. A diabetic eating a cupcake! Wow, thanks Google, that sure met my search criteria (NOT). So what’s a girl to do when this kind of funny silliness pops into a Google search? Why Tweet a picture out to the D people who have been discussing cupcakes all afternoon….

@notsostilllifes while looking for model to turn into a diabetic cupcake, google came up w this photo @sixuntilme

Remember, you can be 1happydiabetic too, it’s all about your attitude!


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