Thursday, October 1, 2009

No D Day

George, our buddy over at The B.A.D. blog came up with the idea of a no D Day for the blogosphere for October 1st. So today’s blog post will have nothing to do with _______ for a change :)

So I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to talk about today. I started a list of things I do every day beyond focusing on ______. I am realizing I spend way too much time on my PC, as evidenced by some of the letters wearing off on my laptop!

Here is a short list of the average PC focused day:

1. Email-I really need to unsubscribe to the many listserves I am a member of. I get over 200 emails a day.

2. Job sites-I will be so glad when I don’t have to spend hours a day combing these anymore. I also realized I spend at least an hour a day on the phone trying to network with folks in my field.

3. Typing cover letters and following up with places I have applied to already. Of course the keyboard gets a rest when I do follow up calls.

4. – This site is guilty of sucking hours out of my day, I can read articles for hours from this site.

5. – This site can entertain me through cute pictures and videos. I end up in the archives and lose quite a bit of time there!

6. – Do I really need to watch old episodes of 30 Days or Tattoo Highway out here? No, but I find myself back at this site watching TV shows and clips. I did discover The Big Bang Theory from this site so there is some value there, I swear!

7. Communicating with my classmates – lots of time spent here recently as we gear up for our graduation ceremony that is tomorrow, October 2nd.

8. Syncing my iPhone – For a phone that doesn’t even have a service plan yet, I sure spend a ton of time dumping songs, apps, and videos to it.

I realized that I really need my mini vacation that is coming up next week! Time to recharge by hitting the friendly skies and heading to the west coast. I am excited to meet a lot of my online friends in real life. Blogs and vlogs will be on the agenda when I get back as I plan on driving my buddies crazy with my cameras! Stay tuned….

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  1. Happy graduation and have a wonderful vacation!