Monday, November 9, 2009

D-blog Day 2009

Join us at 1 Happy Diabetic today!

Today is officially diabetes blog day, in honor of Diabetes Awareness month. A big thanks to Chris, over at The Big D blog for designing the awesome logo below.

I usually take forever to put together a blog. I research, I write and then re-write, and spend a lot of time trying to put together a whole feeling or message. This time I am going to go a little stream of consciousness, just for fun! Here are some of the thoughts that go through my head in any given week that involve diabetes:

1. Wow, look at all the black dots on my fingertips!

2. I wonder if my endo will get on my case for not testing 2 hours after meals like I use to do religiously? With my new job it has been hard to do this...

3. How did I ever survive without a CGMS?

4. In an average year I use approximately 4500 test strips. At about a buck a piece, I sure could go on a killer vacation each year with all that money!

5. Oooohhh, look! They have a low carb version of pita bread!

6. If there was a cure today, would I still think of myself as a diabetic?

7. Diabetes sure does make me a strong person.

8. Diabetes makes me feel weak sometimes.

9. I hate asking for help with inserting a DexCom sensor in my arm, but I love that my husband is willing to do it for me.

10. I wonder if I my dog can tell when I am low or high?

11. I sure carry around a lot of food with me...

12. My purse is sooooo heavy!

13. Fruit juice, glucose tabs, or left over candy? Which should I have to treat this low?

14. It isn’t fair I have to deal with diabetes.

15. I wonder if there will ever be a cure...

You can be 1happydiabetic, it’s all about your attitude!



  1. Hey there!! Hope the job is going well. Streaming consciousness is always fun. ;-)

  2. hehe i love it! I have thought ALL of those before! I wonder about number 6 a lot! I don't know if we will or not!! great dblog day post!

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